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Unhindered: ICOM 2018

The International Conference on Missions (ICOM) would like to invite you to one of the largest Christian conferences in the country devoted to missions and taking the word of God to the corners of the earth. We encourage and equip God’s people and church towards reaching the lost. We also enlist God’s people for Christian service. ICOM is a connecting place for missions and expanding God’s Kingdom.

This year’s annual conference is November 15-18, 2018 at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Highlights of this year include:

  • Main Sessions - featuring speakers who are both international and stateside.

  • Workshops - ICOM will host more than 150 workshops covering a wide range of topics.

  • Exhibit Hall - including more than 650 booths featuring more than 300 organizations.

  • Kid and Student Programming - ICOM is very family friendly. Kidzone features specific programming for kids birth through 5th grade. SICOM (Student ICOM) features interactive programming for kids grades 6-12.

  • Special Guests Nik and Ruth Ripken - author of the documentary “Insanity of God.”

Kevin Dooley, the Chief Development Officer for Central Indiana Christian Mission, is this year’s conference President. Kevin has chosen the theme of “Unhindered” for this year’s conference, taken from the last verse in Acts - how the word of God went forth unhindered.

ICOM encourages churches to register as a church, which allows members and students to attend at no additional cost. Church registration prices are prorated based upon the size of the church. You may learn more about registration, ICOM in general and this year’s conference at We hope to see you there!

John Clausen

Director of Development

International Conference on Missions

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