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Leader Huddles


What Is a Leader Huddle?

It is a facilitated peer group of leaders, who meet on a regular basis in interactive meetings, that are focused on mutual learning, growth, support, and encouragement.

Why did the BCF decide to sponsor this initiative?

1. To “add value” to the churches and its leaders.

2. To build a spirit of togetherness, unity, and cooperation between each other.

3. To strengthen our churches and its leaders.

Why Join a Leader Huddle?

• To grow as a servant leader in areas that are related to challenges that you face as a leader

• To connect and establish relationships with a group of peers in a confidential and respected environment

• To receive support and encouragement from leaders who face the same challenges

• Because we need each other. We are Better Together! 

How Do I Join a Leader Huddle?

For more information, or to join a Leader Huddle, contact our Leader Huddle director, Fred Waggoner.

Fred can be reached at 859-312-5334 or

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