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Reflection on Age & Spiritual Hunger

I have said that I usually learn from someone older that myself, someone whose been further down the trail. However, the most spiritually mature person I have ever known was 10-15 years younger. I miss him.

Recently, I received a youthful lesson concerning “Snapchat”. Now I don’t expect to use this app, so don’t pull out your phones and start looking for me, but it is good to know the reference. Learning from another generation keeps me from becoming isolated and boxing myself in.

Being my age may sound old to some, but isn’t it just a physical characteristic, like the fact that my eyes are brown? With the first meeting of the Fellowship in our rear view, I’m taking a moment to reflect. It is interesting to consider all the ages represented that night. It is more so to consider the Spirit that was there. I suppose at this age I should have a firm grip on the Christian life. In reality, I’m hungry to reach that next level of maturity. I’m sure all Christians are, if they are honest. Hungry no matter the age.

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