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The Bluegrass Christian Fellowship is a community of churches and leaders with the vision of spreading the Gospel through planting churches, developing leaders, and fostering Christ-centered community.


Bluegrass Christian Fellowship is established to increase God’s Kingdom in Kentucky, through spirit-led church planting, love-filled ministry support, and the development of a Christ-centered community that strengthens local ministerial leadership.


There is a need in Kentucky for expanded church accessibility and discipleship. Bluegrass Christian Fellowship serves as a dedicated resource for the ministers in the Bluegrass region, whether in starting a new church organization, strengthening leadership, management, and discipleship effectiveness, or simply encouraging spiritual health and wellness.


We invite all Christian leaders of Kentucky to join us, support the expansion of God’s Kingdom, contribute to a stronger discipleship community, and grow in faith with practical insights, networking and guidance.


Our vision is simple: to grow God’s Kingdom. At the heart of what we do, with Christ-centered focus, we aim to build a foundational community of Christ followers, develop church planting opportunities, and support the success of those church plant opportunities.


Mailing Address:

Bluegrass Christian Fellowship

P.O. Box 23102

Lexington, KY 40523

(859) 429-0223

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